How to Make Best Modafinil Stack: A-Z Guide 2021

Creating the finest modafinil stack for augmented cognitive function & peak productivity is eminently good but not an easy feat. For the majority of “smart pill” enthusiasts, modafinil alone provides a sufficient cognitive uplift. However, staking it with other meds discussed in this guide will further ameliorate its effects. Keep reading to know the best modafinil stack that is safe and effective.

How to Make Best Modafinil Stack

Modafinil is the safest prescription medication known for its ability to provide long hours of ameliorated focus with minimal negative effects or development of med tolerance. Although it provides impressive benefits if taken alone, some users want to stack it with other nootropics to see if they can create the best modafinil stack effect ever.

At the present time, there are a few supplements that have anecdotally demonstrated a magnificent positive effect when combined with modafinil. The resulting effect is entirely up to the individual. Our bodies respond to meds differently, but a high percentage of users report similar positive effects. Everyone has their own version of the perfect “smart pill” stack, and this discussion is popularized on Reddit.

We’ve decided to create this A-Z guide to ensure you can mix modafinil safely with other supplements to achieve a wide array of desired goals. Before revealing how to create a “smart pill” stack, let’s get to know the first thing – about modafinil basics.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a prescription medication classified as a eugeroic. It’s used to ameliorate wakefulness & make you more alert. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it to treat excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) [1]. Doctors can prescribe this eugeroic to treat other health conditions such as depression, weight loss, dementia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and jet lag, etc.

Although its exact mode of action is unclear, modafinil is known to inhibit gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) production, which indirectly fosters wakefulness. It also increases the levels of dopamine & inhibits its breakdown at the same time, leading to a more intense sense of motivation. Besides, this eugeroic can have positive effects on memory performance. Its duration of action is 13+ hours [2].

Its off-label use is increasing due to its possibility to ameliorate cognitive function as well as increase work productivity. Due to this, it is easy to see why modafinil has attracted the attention of people across the globe en route to a mental edge over their competitors as well as those seeking excellent ways to foster productivity. It’s considered safer than amphetamine, such as Adderall, with fewer negative effects [3].

Startup CEOs, business executives, military personnel, astronauts, factory workers, IT programmers, etc. use modafinil to get more work done positively in a shorter period while enhancing vigilance, memory, mental acuity, and alike. Students usually take it to ameliorate their brain function as well as to foster memory recall to pass an exam successfully.

To date, mainstream media outlets are still writing about the vast cognitive & productivity benefits provided by modafinil. Global scientific researchers are also investigating its wonder effects and a potential possibility to treat other health conditions.

How to Create Your Own Modafinil Stack

What is a good modafinil stack? Before we discuss how to create the best “smart pill” stack for your cognitive needs, it is critical to get a better comprehension of what a stack means in the context of mixing nootropics.

Pills Stack

Nootropic stacking is the method of mixing either two or more supplements that contain valuable properties that foster brain-health while proliferating the body’s energy levels. The combined benefits resulting from the stack are greater than the effects received after taking each supplement alone.

By mixing two or more meds, there is some form of interaction between them. The 4 expected outcomes of med-med interactions include:

  • synergy: the effects of 2 meds are totally or partly additive;
  • potentiation: the impact of one med is greatly fostered by the intake of another med itself without a remarkable effect;
  • antagonism: the effect of one drug is lessened or suppressed by another medicine;
  • independent effects: the effects of 2 meds are independent of each other while being complementary. One med doesn’t modify the second med’s action, & vice versa.

An effective nootropic stack is dependent on the purpose of using it. For instance, a popular nootropic stack is 100 mg of caffeine & 200 mg of L-theanine. Caffeine can foster energy levels & make the user alert, but jitteriness & uplifted heart rate are some of its undesirable outcomes. Administering L-theanine can negate these two negative effects without compromising the ameliorated alertness & focus provided by caffeine.

It is paramount to remember what the end goal is while bringing about an ideal modafinil stack. Nootropics are designed to attain at least one or more of the following outcomes [4]:

  • ameliorating memory recall & the efficiency of storing new info into the memory;
  • fostering brain health via ameliorated cognition;
  • enhancing information processing;
  • ameliorating productivity;
  • providing neuroprotective effects against harmful agents;
  • fostering the ability to sustain focus, vigilance, & attention for longer;
  • being as free as possible of negative reactions.

With the listed benefits, you must have information in mind when generating a modafinil stack. Doing so should enable you to get the most out of any mix you choose. It is always recommended to start any supplement at a low dose & then gradually increase it as the body starts getting used to it.

Here are a few popular “smart pill” stacks you might be interested to give a try.

Modafinil and Modafinil

By ingesting modafinil for the first time to augment cognitive function, it is recommended to start with a 200 mg dose early in the morning and engage yourself in work. However, there are some instances where “smart pill” enthusiasts find a 200 mg dose – the maximum recommended amount to ingest in a single day for the cognitive augmenting effect – to be too overwhelming.

Modafinil and Modafinil

An alternative dosing schedule is 100 mg of modafinil taken in the early morning & an additional similar dose consumed right after a nutritious lunch. The total dosage in a single day is 200 mg. This allows modafinil’s expected effects to remain strong throughout the morning while sustaining them in the afternoon. This activity counteracts any tiredness one might feel after taking a large meal.

Another possible way to stack modafinil is to use a 50 mg dose twice a day. It is quite safe in low doses. This kind of dosage is great for programmers who regularly work 12 to 14 hours daily, 6 days a week. It’s best to take a 50 mg tab in the morning & after lunch so you won’t get food comatose. This can keep you going sharp straight to 9–10 pm. There are, however, some drawbacks from this experience. After so many days in a row, one may start to feel easily irritated. However, compared to caffeine, the “smart tab” does not give a spike in stimulation & the crash. If deciding to stack it, take a solid week break to let your brain reset every few weeks & 1 to 2 full days off a week to reset your system. Although it rarely happens, as scientists have dubbed it as the safest “smart pill,” an expected side effect resulting from this stack, if ingested too many days in a row, can be diarrhea. To lower modafinil negative effects, drink plenty of water while you are on this nootropic.

Modafinil and Noopept

Noopept is the brand-name med for N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, a synthetic nootropic molecule. Modafinil & Noopept stack is safe & ideal for people looking for ameliorated mental capacity. The success of this mix is due to the complementary effect that each med has on the body. While Noopept functions to foster cognition, modafinil can increase the body’s energy levels. Thus, the stack can make both the mind & body more alert.

The effects of Noopept on the body include [5][6][7]:

  • ameliorates the focus & concentration power;
  • helps foster the brain’s reasoning capacity;
  • boosts the growth of neurons;
  • ameliorates the brain’s capacity to form more short & long term memories;
  • fosters the brain’s capacity to retrieve the memory at the right time;
  • functions as a mood augmenter.

Other studies depict that taking Noopept may also help to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, & may even help patients with Alzheimer’s. Another good side of this product is that it does not give euphoria and cannot make you high or alike.

Modafinil & Noopept stack creates a wonderful balance for the mind & body. The former drug is very useful in creating the right amount of alertness. This in turn fosters the effects of the latter drug to ameliorate intelligence, concentration power & creativity. Users of this stack experience more mental clarity & uplifted memory recall capacity.

Though this combination rewards with great benefits, correct stack dosage is necessary. Taking 10 mg of Noopept & not more than 200 mg of modafinil is the recommended dosage. Use this mix correctly and you’ll notice an incredible change in your cognitive ability.

Modafinil and L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea; it’s naturally occurring but can also be taken as a supplement. Taking 200 mg of L-theanine gives a calming effect, without causing drowsiness. Even 50 mg of this substance is good for creativity [8][9].

Modafinil and L-theanine

Stacking L-theanine with modafinil will help you be more focused. For starters, the ideal ratio is 100 mg of modafinil and 200 mg of L-theanine. This will be the best starter pack for great effects. Also, this mix counteracts the jitters negative effect of modafinil. It is a perfect match for ameliorating brain power while staying calm, cool, and collected. The other advantages of this stack are increased motivation, improved focus, and enhanced mood.

Modafinil and Piracetam

Piracetam is another synthetic nootropic molecule that’s very similar to Noopept in structure and function. This product ameliorates memory in patients with age-related mental decline [10][11]. It may foster memory in healthy individuals as well. Stacking modafinil & piracetam helps to produce synergistic effects. The mix fosters brain activity (including mood senses), blood flow, & oxygen usage in the brain. It is ideal for those who want to both ameliorate the way their brain works & experience higher levels of concentration as well as mental drive. The stack effectively supports memory recall & learning, ameliorates focus, visual perception & attention. Also, piracetam is likely to reduce the tunnel vision one is experiencing while on modafinil.

As to how to use the stack, it’s best to take 200 mg of modafinil & 2.4 g of piracetam. Additionally, to feel the best effect, drink a lot of water and eat healthy regularly. This combo can be very effective when administered properly. This is the same as the Modafinil and Phenibut stack. It does not cause any interactions, and it is ideal for people who need to lower their anxiety while experiencing brainpower stimulation during work. This stack also helps the user move with increased mood, vigor & vitality.

Modafinil and Coffee

Coffee plus modafinil is the most popular stack among nootropic enthusiasts. An average cup of coffee contains roughly 100 mg of caffeine. If thinking of mixing it with modafinil, it’s necessary to note that caffeine takes about 6 hours to pass through the system. So it’s recommended to consume a maximum of 200 mg of caffeine every 6 hours or 100 mg every 3 hours. This means having about 1 cup of coffee every 3 hours.

If you begin with 100 mg of caffeine & 200 mg of modafinil as a stack & find it to be too stimulating, take a lower dose of the drug next time. Also, you may want to try the standard dose of modafinil (200 mg) with 50 mg of caffeine instead.

Here are some of the benefits of stacking caffeine & modafinil:

  • helps you stay awake for a long time. Because modafinil ameliorates wakefulness & caffeine inhibits the body’s natural inclination to sleep, you experience a double-whammy mix that leads to productivity nirvana;
  • ameliorates brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), resulting in a wide variety of mental health benefits such as the low risk of contracting neurodegenerative diseases, increased growth of new neurons via neuroplasticity while helping existing neurons survive for longer, ameliorated memory & faster learning. In short, the more BDNF the brain produces, the better [12];
  • helps power through complex cognitive tasks [13]. A mix of modafinil’s performance-enhancing capability with caffeine’s fatigue-reducing effects rewards with insanely great cognitive benefits, possibly turning the user into a superhuman machine.

If stacking both meds to foster performance & alertness, modafinil 200 – 400 mg effects are comparable to those obtained with caffeine 600 mg. So stacking the ideal dose of caffeine & modafinil maintained performance & alertness during the period as well as rewards with other heightened cognitive as well as productivity benefits.

Modafinil and Nicotine

Like modafinil, nicotine fosters the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, & norepinephrine [14]. A user only needs a very low dose of nicotine — 1 mg that’s found in a piece of nicotine gum — to experience this effect. Once ingested, nicotine takes about 5 minutes or less to kick in, while modafinil takes roughly an hour for the user to “feel” it working.

Modafinil and Nicotine Gum

A stack of modafinil & nicotine gets you in a high dopamine rush that fuels great productivity. Nicotine gives you the jump start & modafinil keeps it going.

The benefits of nicotine include:

  • shortens the reaction time. A study revealed that people taking nicotine gum are faster in responding to questions regarding information already stored in their immediate memory [15];
  • helps ameliorate behavior in people with ADHD [16]. However, this is for nonsmokers only;
  • fosters athletic performance in the user’s sport of choice [17]. Nicotine helps athletes ameliorate their concentration during a game, as well as relaxing them when they are nervous before they have to play.

With the said benefits of nicotine, here are the effects of the nicotine + modafinil stack:

  • rewards with exceptionally strong nootropic benefits. When mixing these two products, many people find insane great synergistic effects. The combo offers hours of intense focus enabling you to be able to get more stuff done. Also, the user will remember more & be able to quickly recall information from the past. The absolute stack involves taking a 200 mg modafinil tab + a 2 mg nicotine gum to get a world-class cognition;
  • fosters user’s energy. The mix significantly ameliorates the perceived energy levels of the users compared to the other options [18];
  • helps smokers quit more easily. Taking this stack reduces cravings for cigarettes if you are a smoker [19];
  • suppresses hunger. The stack is helpful if dealing with hunger cravings. Nicotine is a common appetite suppressant & the “smart pill” has been shown to naturally reduce food intake due to a lower feeling of hunger [20]. By stacking, one will feel like being on fire for several hours without needing to take a break for food. This is important if focusing on an important task. If you are gradually reducing nicotine/cigarette intake, supplement it with modafinil. Doing so could likely lower the chances of weight gain.

If you’re looking to get great benefits, stack modafinil & nicotine safely after having consulted a physician. Take note of possible negative effects.

Modafinil and Ashwagandha

A feasible way to counteract a lack of creativity is by using the essential herb ashwagandha. This product can help the body & mind adapt to several stressors. It has also been shown to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) & C-reactive protein (a measure of inflammation).

Ashwagandha can notably reduce anxiety & stress, which in turn can allow for ameliorated creative thinking to flow. In a study of patients with moderate to severe anxiety, those obtaining 300 mg of ashwagandha twice daily lessened their anxiety by 56.5% [21]. They also experienced significant amelioration in mental health, social functioning, vitality, concentration, and overall quality of life.

The modafinil & ashwagandha stack can be used if you are overcome & need to relax while getting important tasks done perfectly. Ashwagandha’s typical dosage is 300 to 500 mg daily, either divided or taken with breakfast. A lower dose strength, around 100 mg per day, may be preferable if mixing it with other anti-anxiety agents.

The effect of ashwagandha allows the user to perform productively during the day & combat the anxiety levels produced by modafinil. As a stack, this herb enables the body to withdraw from the external environment & provides relaxation. Indeed, ashwagandha is one of our favorite products to be taken with modafinil, as it ameliorates brain function + reduces depression. Most nootropic users using this stack report that it relaxes them without reducing the effectiveness of the “smart pill.” So can you give ashwagandha + modafinil a thumbs up?

Modafinil and Choline

Choline is the dietary precursor to acetylcholine that ameliorates memory formation. It is a crucial nutrient for the production of several neurotransmitters in the brain. The modafinil + choline stack is acknowledged to perform insanely great. It is indispensable so much so that countless users state that it helps fight headaches & even migraines caused by the “smart pill.” Choline also fosters the activity of modafinil & helps in ameliorating its effects.

Modafinil and Choline

However, choline is more than a headache-averting substance. It comes with a wide variety of neuroprotective properties that make it a functional sidekick to the “smart pill.” Additionally, it ameliorates short-term & long-term verbal memory, gives proper fetal brain development during pregnancy as well as lowering anxiety [22]. If you are searching for an innovative “smart pill” stack to experiment with, mixing it with choline may be a feasible option worth exploring.

Modafinil and CBD Oil

Primarily, the cannabidiol (CBD) oil serves the purpose of helping you fall asleep faster & be in a state of deep sleep. With the science mixed on the effectiveness of CBD to treat insomnia, some case reports show favorable results. For example, take this published scenario involving a 10-year-old girl with post-traumatic stress disorder [23]. A trial of CBD supplements (25 mg) was initiated at bedtime, & 6 to 12 mg of CBD sublingual spray was administered during the day as needed for anxiety. A noticeable effect was a gradual increase in sleep quality & quantity as well as reduced anxiety.

After 5 months, the patient began to sleep in her room most nights & handle the new school year with no difficulties. No negative effects were observed from taking the CBD oil. Also, this product helps reduce social anxiety as well as relieve depression.

As for the modafinil and CBD oil mix, it is recommended to use the “smart pill” early in the morning and CBD oil 1 to 2 hours before bedtime for best outcomes. CBD facilitates other actions in the brain that can contribute to improvement in mood and inhibits the adenosine transporter, thus increasing levels of adenosine. It reduces oxidative damage by working as an antioxidant. It stimulates the production of BDNF, which helps repair damaged neurons & assists in neurogenesis. This product also helps repair damage to a leaky blood-brain barrier & prevents the inflammation that damages it in the first place.

The modafinil & CBD oil stack may be significant for an individual who wants to fall asleep before midnight, but it’s an inferior option for a student pulling an all-nighter.

Modafinil and Bacopa

Bacopa, an Indian herb, serves to negotiate memory issues. The correct measure of modafinil & Bacopa stack heightens your thinking skills & is becoming a potent blend for memorization & learning. Bacopa monnieri is the best memory supplement & an attractive remedy for any negative effects of modafinil.

This herb rewards users with the following benefits [24][25]:

  • reduced anxiety;
  • elevated attention and focus;
  • ameliorated memory & other areas of cognition function;
  • increased serotonin levels;
  • protection against oxidative stress;
  • fostered transmission between neurons;
  • reduced reaction times;
  • increased blood flow to the brain.

The expected effects of Bacopa are not felt immediately. Therefore, doses of 300 to 600 mg (or 750 mg) should be taken for several months for the maximum benefit to occur [26][27]. Bacopa is a workhorse for any of the best nootropic stacks including modafinil.

The Verdict: Best Modafinil Stack

“Smart drugs” are prevalent in all walks of life where users try to ameliorate their cognitive function, memory, attention, and motivation as well as foster productivity. But there’s more to the story. If you’re eager to activate more of your brain’s potential (especially while you work), the best nootropic supplements that have been tested are worth a closer look.

The best “smart drug” combinations are what we’ve discussed in this guide. However, their effects are often based on the individual. Many nootropics stacks interact differently from one person to the next, which is why subjective testing can be an effective tool for cognitive enhancement. Test out different mixes & determine what works best for you – only after having consulted a physician.


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